Saturday, August 7, 2010

Joe Dirt meets Billy Ray Cyrus

Ever wonder what Joe Dirt and Billy Ray Cyrus' hair would look like if it was infused together???? Can't quit picture it? Here let me help you!!!!

Front view of Joe and Billy Hair Style

Right Side View

Left Side View

So what caused this hairstyle you may fabulous husband.  See it was during nap time that I decided to get a pedicure.  Oh what a pedi it was!!  No one was in the salon, the guy took his time, and man my little toes were in heaven.  Move to an hour later and BAM!!! My little boy turned into a little man. 

I came into the house to find Gabriel getting a bath (hind sight I should have gone upstairs to say hi.....but hind sight is 50/50).  So I went to the kitchen to start dinner, to then have Nathan peek his head around the corner to tell me, "I love you dear and I tried".  Yep...he tried to give a "trim" which turned into a mullet.  I instantly started to cry and for the first time (10 yrs together) I grabbed my keys and walked out of the house.

When I left for my pedicure....................................
Yes it is in his eyes but only b/c needs a trim
19 months to get all this hair

It was in less than 24 hours Gabriel was getting a trim

Went to a friend's house to cool off, stop crying, and take a HUGE breather.  Finally returned home and asked what in the world Nathan was thinking.  Basically, he said he wanted to trim the hair out of his eyes and it seemed easy.  So moved on to the ears and things went wrong.  However he kept going and just didn't know where to stop.  In tears I called a good friend, Jessica, to come over and help clean up Nathan's mess.  Bonus of helping me calm down. 

All of this took place this past Monday and it is now Saturday.  Yep that is 5 days and I am now at the point of no more tears and slowly accepting Gabriel's hair is gone.  I had my hair styled yesterday with my fabulous hair stylist Alicia.  She reassured me that hair does grow back and to give it two weeks and then bring Gabriel in.  She made me promise to not shave his head because I was seriously wanting to. 

*Side note*  Yes I know it is just hair.  I have friends fighting cancer, deaths of family members, and babies in the NICU but sheesh I was only gone an hour and my husband made a huge decision without me.......this was huge to me.  Two Positive Things - Never truly knew how Blue my son's eyes are and He is WAY less sweaty now that all his thick hair is gone.

Gabriel's New-Do with a side of spaghetti

Needed to go back and get re-relaxed
but they do look pretty ;)

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