Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Day at its best!!!!!

So we didn't make it to church. Instead we chose to get up early and have a family day. We are still in the process of finding a church home but until we do I have been attending the Bible Study class and will start MOPS in September. You know finding a Church home is way harder than I thought it would be!!!

Anywho, we had breakfast at First Watch and man oh' man do we love this place!! It never gets old, food is always fabulous, and everyone who works there is super nice. I am wanting to get into baking homemade bread so I asked Nathan to take me to Half Price Books and then to Barnes and Nobles.

I scored a Bread making cooking book at Half Price Books but didn't stay long...Gabriel was bored. This is where I am glad we went to EnterTRAINment Junction a couple weeks ago. Gabriel's love for trains (do to EnterTRAINment Junction) allowed us to stay at Barnes-N-Nobles for almost TWO HOURS!!!! Nathan got coffee, walked around the store, checked out the Nook for me, all while Gabriel and I were in the children's section - me reading and Gabriel playing with Thomas The Train trains.

Nathan and I talked about my love for books, poor guy!!! His reading list consists of the Sport's Pages and doesn't understand why I bring Gabriel a book home every time I come home from a store. I have even been ordered to not buy any more books....LOL yeah right!!

I toy with the idea of getting the Nook, Kindle, or whatever electronic book is out there. What stops me??? The smell of a book. The first thing I do when I read new or used book is to smell the book. Call me crazy but smelling a book gets my mind ready to take off to petticoats, a who-done it mystery, shape shifters, love, or whatever the theme is I happen to be reading. It helps to take me away from the real-world and truly immerse into the plot. Man I really love to read! Then the thought of not turning a page bothers me. I have no rhyme or reason why it bothers me but it does.

So until I can make up my mind to go digital or not to go digital, I will finish my Sunday night in bed, curled up under the comforter, with Janet Evanovich's Finger Lickin' Fifteen.....this book has me rolling with laughter! Another steal for a hardback book for $6.98 at B&N!

Are you a digital reader yet???? Oh, Sunday was finished with naps, cartoons in bed (only 10 minutes because Gabriel is still not ready for TV or cuddle time in bed - we are not the co-sleeping kind of family), Grilled Steaks with mac-n-cheese and green beans, and practice on our numbers, colors, and lots and lots of hugs and kisses :D


  1. Oh how I love to read too! I enjoy going out to Books a Million, Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books. Anytime you need a friend to go prouse the books stores with just give me a shout :)

  2. So I am just now getting back into reading blogs. We have so much in common, Rachel dear! I am in LOVE with books. I just LOVE to read....fiction, though. I don't do nonfiction. I like to lose myself in so many different kinds of books. It's been nice at the hospital to get in lots of book reading time (trying to look at the bright side!). I would NEVER go electronic because I love the smell and FEEL of books. Even if the whole world is reading this way, I will stick to the old books forever :) Half Price books is my favorite....last time I was there I also got a Bread Machine cookbook. How funny is that? I also picked up two inspirational fiction novels. I couldn't help it...

  3. I so miss our book exchanges!! I never thought I would go digital, but I downloaded the Kindle App for my iphone before our big trip and really love it. I no longer need a book light if I want to read in bed (although, I do still read regular books too) and I don't have to wait to go to the store for a book (which could be good or bad :). Miss you!


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