Tuesday, August 17, 2010

20 months and counting....

Today Gabriel is 20 months old.  This means in 4 months I will officially be a mom of a Toddler.  This bothers me more than turning 30 (I still have a year thank you!).  So we celebrated by taking a day trip to Jungle Jim's and Loveland Castle.  I will blog about these places another time for this blog is all about Gabriel.

A fabulous friend once told me that every time her daughter says a new word she writes that word on the calendar, according to the day daughter said such word.  I LOVE this idea and wonder why I never thought of it!!  That being said I still haven't followed through with this great idea.  So Nathan and I brainstormed today all the words we can remember Gabriel knowing/saying by today, his 20 Month Birthday.

*Momma - Mommy
*Dadda - Daddy
*Hot - Hotttt
*Bye - Bye Bye
*Roar - as well as act out roar
*Woof Woof - Woof - as well as act out woof
*Meow - as well as act out meow
*Chicken - working on acting this out
*Thank You
*Night - Night Night
*Please.......this word is turning into a pain!!!  He know understands that if he says Please it results in him getting something.  So now he will say please for everything he "wants" and I'm the "bad" mom telling him sorry you can't have juice because you need milk.  Or you can't get "up" which means out of the carseat while the car is moving!!

So that is 45 words we can think of.  Just think, back in early part of Summer I was wondering if Gabriel would ever talk!!!  However Gabriel is more than just the number of words he can speak.  He is joy, laughter, endless hours of dancing, and rocking out to my crazy Pandora Radio Station.  He loves to drum to some Aerosmith and Metallica, while dancing and fist pumping to Lady Gaga and Beyonce.  The latest thing that amazes me is, he will go get his Keyboard and play the piano with Josh Groban and Andre Bocelli. 

He will dig out his markers and come running to me to say "please" and we will draw until he is covered in marker - thank goodness for washable markers!  He LOVES to grab his stool and come into the kitchen to watch me cook and whenever I get to close to the oven he yells out "HOT".  If I don't reply back he then yells "Momma HOTTTT".  Which I tell him yes, very hot so stay away. 

Think one of my favorite times with Gabriel is "Night Night" time.  Around 4 and half months I did some hard core Sleep Training and words can not explain how much we are thankful we stuck to our guns.  At night, when it is time for Gabriel to go to bed, all we have to say is, "It's Night Night Time".  This sends Gabriel running over to me for hugs and kisses.  He then walks up the stairs and stopping at ever step to "talk" to me.  What is he saying....we have zero idea LOL 

All I know is I say back to him "I love you too son, good night, don't let the bed bugs bite, night night, yes go to bed, I love you more, see you in the morning".  All the while Nathan is smiling and gently pushing Gabriel's bottom up the stairs. 

Running around the gardens at Loveland Castle today, Nathan asked me if I can believe we are parents to this amazing little guy.  I just had to stop and smile.  God has truly blessed us with a child that is happy, healthy, and has brought more love into our lives than we can ever imagine!! 

Happy 20 Month Birthday Son, I truly love you!!
Mom - Momma - Mommy


  1. How is it possible that he is already that old???? That means T will be growing like a weed too!!!!! I can't wait to see what kind of personality she has......

  2. Awwww, that's sweet :-) I love the virtual baby book concept!


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