Saturday, July 17, 2010

Look within yourself

and not liking what you see, can be really scary and sad. Week ago I just felt down about myself. So after blogging I made a list of what I am changing and it all started with Facebook.

How I allowed myself to get sucked in so deep with FB I seriously don't know. But instead of dwelling on it I am fixing it!! I have deleted all pictures of hubby and son off FB. Pictures now will be found on our password needed, secure, Shutterfly account. I am making myself stop updating my status....period. I am going cold turkey because I was finding myself updating my status' three to four times a day!!!! That is just plain wrong (IMO of course).

Now I won't delete my account for two, well maybe three reasons.
#1 - I can't expect family and friends to email me pictures of my nieces and nephews or their kids when they already upload them to FB.
#2 - I plan GNO and Playgroup Activities -
**after 20 minutes of sitting at this computer and typing out all the drama, I have realized that I am still way beyond pissed to type things and blog about it. So I will just say join the playgroup on FB...period. For GNO, I will no longer be planning...period
#3 - I joined a group on FB (Fun Days 101) that is all about things to do in Dayton and the surrounding area. I love this group!!

Now onto some positive notes....

#1 - For four weeks now I have been doing a Bible study - Anointed, Transformed, and Redeemed - I truly have been enjoying myself, the class, and the lessons!!! This is my first Bible Study, ever, and it couldn't have come more at a time when I needed it the most in my life!!! I will blog about some of the things that I am learning and truly trying to live my life by.

#2 - Gabriel is 19 months today. He has such a passion for life and he is only 19 months old!!! He is always into everything, learning, touching, on the go, and fills our home and hearts with laughter and such indescribable joy!!!! Nathan and I still find ourselves smiling and amazed that God has given Gabriel to us. We truly are blessed beyond words.

#3 - I am slowly starting to see my true self again. Working out, letting go of FB, planning stuff, and drama, is really what I need right now. Just wish it hadn't taken me this long to realize that I have been heading down a path that is not healthy and basically that is not me!!!

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  1. Rachel, I have been working on a blog post that I started before the whole Roxy ordeal. When I read yours, I had to laugh out loud because they are so similar, at least regarding FB! Great minds think alike, right? :)


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