Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yep that's hottttt!

Gabriel has a girlfriend (yes he is only 19 months old) and we like to joke that we have already arranged their marriage. Gabe and Elena get along so well!!! They love on each other, entertain one another so well, give each other kisses, and will fight but a minute later back to being the best of friends!!! Out of all of Gabe's buddies, Miss Elena is the only one to make Gabe giggle nonstop. Watching these two together just melts my heart!!! An added bonus is that Nathan and I LOVE Elena's parents too :D

So yesterday we went over to the George's home and helped celebrate Miss Elena's 2nd birthday. I forgot my camera but Lina had the birthday party a Rock Start theme. Guitars, music, balloons, bubbles, lots of laughter, great food, and such a YUMMY cake!!! Happy Birthday Elena...your future mother-n-law loves you!!

Then that night we had a date night. It started out as a double date night, then was going to be a quad-date night, but ended up a triple date night. We had sooo much fun!!! It is rare that you become friends with someone and have your husbands get along too. I really love Catherine and having so much fun getting to know Jessica, that in no time I know I will love her too!!! The best part of the evening was sitting back and watch all three of the husbands talk and share stories. I am surprised we didn't get kicked out of P.F. Chang's from laughing so loud - well maybe it was just my loud laugh ;) We really missed our fabulous friends The Walker's but hope next time they will be able to come!!!!!

After P.F. Chang's we went back to the Mize's house (Catherine and Jessica are neighbors so makes get together super easy!) and sat around a fire pit. Let me tell you, for a perfect Saturday night, tell some stories, have a fire, the makings for S'mores, a man named Nenose, and you will truly have the best evening!!! Here is to many more Saturday nights with my military-family.

Me, Catherine, and Jessica
Awe...such a cute little belly!!
Oh, just a finally note.....the lights outside P.F. Chang's that light up the building are HOT!!! How do I know???? Well see what happened was.....let me just say, pay attention to where you are standing when you are about to take a picture. Otherwise you will end up with a burnt thigh, 5 minutes of non-stop laughter, but two really cute pictures.

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