Sunday, June 20, 2010

Time flies...

So I am catching up on Season 2 of True Blood (Sookie Stackhouse novels HBO has turned into a series) and uploading pictures to FB, when it hits me that today is the 21st and somehow I missed the fact that our son is 18 months old!!!!

I have this irrational feeling that I have let him down!!! Gabriel is a December baby and since he was born, on every birth date (17th) I wish him a Happy Birthday and take his picture. For 17 months I have done this. Never missing a picture, wishing a Happy Birthday and yet, I miss it this month. Not only does this sadden me but it also makes me realize that he is a year and a half old!!! He is almost TWO!!!!!!!

Dang I feel like crap and I know it is no big thing but I swore that I would always make sure his birthday is special. Especially since he was born in December which happens to be out wedding anniversary month and my favorite holiday, Christmas.

Today is also Father's Day. My dad is celebrating his 28th Father's Day and Nathan is celebrating his 2nd Father's Day. This weekend we celebrated Father's Day by going to Great Wolf Lodge, eating Red Velvet Cake, going to Young's Dairy for breakfast and then a round of Putt-Putt, with ice cream after. I truly am blessed by God to have Nathan as my husband and father of my child. Thank you my love for everything you do and give to Gabriel and I!!!

For my daddy, there are not enough words to explain how you have made me feel loved, safe, joy, and much laughter in my life. I truly look up to you as a parent and pray that I can give all the love, respect, and encouragement, to my children that you have given to me growing up and still to this day! Know that even though we are not together on this day to celebrate YOU, you are forever with me!!!
Nathan and Gabriel @ Great Wolf Lodge

Gabe - 18 Months old (taken a few days late)

My daddy, last November

Gabe and Grandpa at Destin, FL this past April

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