Saturday, June 12, 2010

COSI....Oh My!!!!!

For those who follow my Blog (thank you and sorry it is not all that great of a read like others), know that we are moving to Pope in November. Since this news, I have been compiling our Ohio Bucket List. First you may say Bucket List for Ohio?!?! Yes folks there is a TON of things to do in Ohio!!!! So much within just a hour radius from our house!!!!!!

Okay back on track, so since we have started the Bucket List, we have actually started crossing things off the bucket list :D First thing we crossed off was COSI in Columbus. We took a day trip to Columbus and boy did we have fun!!!! It is truly a 3 level, all ages, hands on, kind of museum. We went on a Saturday and it really wasn't too crowded. School hadn't let out officially for Summer but still it wasn't bad. We didn't get tickets to see Titanic because that was an extra 10 bucks per person and we didn't know how Gabriel would like the place.

Gabriel ended up LOVING it!!! Not as much as his parents though. For the younger ones COSI has one level of just hands on, running, jumping, and climbing room. This room is ideal because Nathan and I needed a break from walking around and Gabriel needed a place to truly run wild. The exhibit that gave us the most laughs was the Piano Human Body Sounds...yes play a piano and hear the sounds of farts, burps, and your late night Taco Loco meal coming back up -hahaha.

So go explore the COSI for yourself. Can't make it, scroll down and view some of our pictures. Then check back for my Ohio Bucket list as I will post that very soon along with links......

Front of the building
Gabe putting all the balls into the air
He loved this Tree House

Nathan getting into it
The infamous Piano..hehehe

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