Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back on the wagon....

Some how we (mainly me) have fell off the band wagon of not eating Fast Food and going out to eat only once every two weeks. Starting tomorrow this ALL changes!!! Tonight for dinner I had my last Fast Food dinner- Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Chick-Fil-A. Can we say yummy!!!!

Normally I plan two weeks of menus and base my menus on is in the grocery sale ads. Well tonight it is 11:20, I'm tired, too stressed, so I only planned one week. Here you go!! Btw, a friend is letting me borrow her cookbook and I LOVE it...so much I'm not going to return..just kidding. Anywho, the cookbook is Taste of Home Simple & Delicious with over 600 recipes. She got it at Sam's (got to LOVE Sam's!!)

Sun - Chicken Creole
Mon - Chicken Enchiladas
Tues - BBQ (Brauts/Hamburgers)
Wed - Sauteed Spiced Salmon
Thurs - Honey Buttered Chicken
Fri - Potato Chicken Pockets
Sat - Salad

**I know today is Wednesday but when I make out my menus I always seem to start on a "Sunday" no matter what day it really is. Also some have asked about side dishes...sides are usually a veggie or fruit of some sort and whatever I have in the cabinets. The main dish is what I am focusing on right now.**

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