Friday, May 28, 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

Monday of this week I took Gabriel to pick our own Strawberries. We went to Jackson's Farm Market in Xenia and what a great time it was!! This was my first time to pick strawberries (that I can remember). I just smiled the whole time while juggling my camera, backpack, bucket for Strawberries, and a 17 month squeshing strawberry toddler named Gabe. The staff at Jackson's Farm were super helpful and friendly. They said to come back from Memorial Day to June 15th for the prime picking season - we will be back so Nathan can come with!!

17 months old and so silly!!

My first Strawberry
Part of our pickins...Gabe would sneak up behind me
and squeeze the Strawberries and then throw them.
Helping me pick out the best ones

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