Monday, May 24, 2010

Another 1st

So this past weekend we took Gabriel to the ER and crossed off another 1st for us! Nathan and I have been beyond blessed with a very healthy child!!! He has never been to see the Dr. except for the regular check ups, he has never been sick, and I can count on one hand all the times he has run a fever - which we believe was all teething (don't care what Dr. say about temps and teething). Well except there were those 4 days of battling Rotavirus. Even then we were blessed because it only lasted 4 days.

Since this previous Sunday he has been sick. Had a fever the first couple of days but the rest of the time it has been lovely green, runny snot, coughing, and not being able to sleep at night. Move forward 5 days to Friday night and for over an hour he was in his room not able to sleep and hacking up both of his lungs. Called Mommy Pager and wa told to go to nearest ER since he is not able to breathe.

9pm we changed out clothes and off we went. Ended up at Dayton Children's since the Base ER was packed. Our total wait time at Children's wasn't really bad just 2 hours. However in those two hours we had one very, VERY, overly tired and cranky child. He screamed, he cried, he pitched a fit, but he screamed, cried, and coughed up all the junk that was in his nose and chest.

Dr. comes in, takes all of 5 minutes, and declares him healthy. She said yes he might have a Upper Resp. Infection but because of his age no meds or treatment available. In my mind I think, we can cure cancer but there is nothing to help my son be able to breathe and so I can get some sleep!!!!! Normally I'm not for giving medicine. I am a huge believer in letting the body do what it does best, naturally build its immune system and fight off illnesses. However almost a week of this crude and I wanted it gone!! I let the Dr. know that we knew this isn't a real emergency per say but battling this for over a week and tonight was the straw that broke the cammels back.

Skip to today and I think (repeat "think") we are slowly on the mend. He is able to sleep now but still coughs and we are going through Boogie Wipes like there is no tomorrow. Oh!! this whole time Gabe is sick, I have been sick as well. So sick that I got up Tuesday and went in to the Dr. which made Nathan do a double take because I NEVER go to the Dr.!!!! She put me on 10 days of antiboitic and Mucinex. I think I am on the mend as well. Even if Gabriel and I are not, I am getting out of this house because last week about killed me.

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