Wednesday, November 23, 2011

33-36 Weeks

Dear Peanut,
The past three weeks have been fun, busy, and I hope to remember everything that has been going on to do a quick recap.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and we are having a house full....17 people at last count! So this letter to you may be short since I need to get back to cleaning and cooking.  However, when I think that I am 36 weeks into this pregnancy, this indescribable joy bubbles inside me.  To know that as soon as 4 weeks, you could be in my arms!!! Peanut we are ready, oh so very ready, to meet you little man!!

33 weeks -
~Your dad was given the OIC position in his office just few days after pinning on Captain.  Things have been crazy busy with his schedule, coming home late, going in super early, etc.  However he is trying to make some much needed and positive changes in the office.  I am very proud of him and have no doubt he will succeed at this new position.
~Celebrated Halloween for the first time ever as a family.  Normally your dad has had to work or been on a TDY.  I hung back to take pictures while your brother and dad walked, checked out all the costumes, and collected candy.  It was a wonderful night and look forward to Halloween next year with you!!
~I had fun and went to a Craft Fair.  When we used to live in Louisiana and Mississippi, I would go to craft fairs all the time during the holiday season.  However Ohio didn't seem to have the same love of craft fairs as the South did so I never went to any.  It was great to go again and get some ideas to make my own crafts, especially for Christmas!!

34 weeks
~Nothing major happened this week.  We did take our Maternity/Family Pictures.  Your brother truly can not stand the camera and he was a challenge.  We are staying waiting on the pictures from the photographer so I don't have any to share yet.  I do hope she was able to get some great shots though!! I wonder if you will love the camera like I do, or be just like your brother and make me learn to breathe LOL!!
~This week we also celebrated Veteran's Day.  Your dad was flying and I reflected on our long family history of serving in the military.  More stories to share with you and your brother when you are both old enough to understand!

35 weeks
~This week seemed to kick of the Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrations.  We attended the unit's Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon and had the best time!! While we were at Ohio, your dad worked in the ICU unit and there were never any parties or luncheons.  So being part of a squadron that is capable of doing parties and plans fabulous parties/luncheons at that, is really wonderful!! Your brother stayed home with "Miss-us Ash-wee" (Miss Ashley fabulous babysitter!!) so I could enjoy a lunch date with dad. 

36 weeks
~Yesterday I had another OB Appt.  It was a so-so Dr. Appt.  You are healthy and right on "target".  The Dr. just wants to do some tests to make sure I am not developing Pre-Clampsia.  Your dad is not worried at all and thinks everything is just fine.  However, me being the one carrying you, I am a little worried.  Just want you as healthy as possible and come when you are ready.
~Like I said earlier, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  None of the family is coming to visit us and we didn't feel comfortable making the trip all the way back home to Louisiana/Mississippi with me this far along.  All the Root's are having a family reunion in Florida which we truly wish we could attend but we get down there next year.  So the next best thing is celebrating the holidays with our military family.  Often times, your military family truly become closer and feel like "real" family.  As I type this we have about 17 people coming.  Everyone is bringing food, drinks, and plan on watching some football, eating all day, and being thankful.  It is going to be a lot of fun!!

I love you little man! Here is to celebrating Thanksgiving with you next year as a Family of 4!!

Pregnancy Highlights

Size of Baby -
You are is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day.  You may weigh almost 6 pounds and be about 18 1/2 inches long.  The way you move I swear you are just a BIG baby - ha!

Weight Gain/Loss -
I have added about another 5ish pounds.  The Dr told me to watch how much I put on the next few weeks.  Not something I liked hearing but your dad did remind me I lost 25 pounds in the beginning.  So if I am hungry, eat.

Gender/Name -
Still our little Elvis.  We did share your name with the photographer for some maternity shots.  If felt weird sharing though :)

Movement -
Not sure if you are head down yet or not.  You still try to flip and have dance parties so I am thinking you are not in "position" just yet.  Your dad and I lay in bed at night and play the game of "guessing which body part this is" because you just move so much! Some days/nights you make me stop in my tracks but overall it is a great feeling knowing you are healthy.

Sleep -
Peanut, yep you need to let me sleep!! I also need to start taking naps :)

Cravings -
Was doing great with zero cravings lately.  However I blame Thanksgiving and Christmas for me wanting Cheesecake.  Cheesecakes have even entered my dreams...not good!

Symptoms -
BP was high yesterday so we are going to monitor for awhile.  Hopefully it was just high from walking the parking lot and the hospital to the appt.  Other than that, heart burn is back with a vengeance.  Still on Zantac but some nights take Tums as well.

Best Moments Of The Past Few Weeks -
-Our Maternity Photos
-Celebrating Halloween
-Unit's Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon

This Week's Activity -
-Getting our Christmas Tree
-Decorating the house for Christmas

Halloween 2011
Your brother didn't want pictures, he wanted to Trick-Or-Treat!

33 Week Belly

In honor of Veteran's Day this year - 
Picture of your Grandpa Bice's Retirement Ceremony
28 years of Service in the United States Air Force

At 36 weeks, this would be the size of you....
a Crenshaw Melon :)

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