Monday, May 23, 2011

Mindful Monday

Well it has been a little over two weeks since the deployment has started.  All I can say is, it is just the pits.  However, there is something more important.

Joplin, Missouri. 
The Tornado season seemed to start here North Carolina with the tornado(s) touching down about 45ish minutes from our home.  Then Alabama and now Missouri.  *Side Note - many other states have had tornadoes but these are the "main" ones making the news due to the large number of deaths.  YouTube Clinton, Mississippi (my husband's home town) and see where the storm truly started before it hit Alabama and killing all those people. 

Back to Joplin -
Since I have family and friends all over in Missouri, Joplin hit closer to home with me.  I reached out via Facebook today to see if any of my family/friends have loved ones in Joplin.  Those who do said their family and friends are accounted for.  A few were still waiting to hear from their family/friends but they did get word that they are alive.  Reading those FB comments were a sigh of relief. 

I have made a point to not watch the news while we are a "deployment" family but tonight I had to.  Seeing Joplin basically wiped off the map (for now because I know they will rebuild and become a stronger community than before) is beyond heart breaking. 

Through  the sadness, loss, and tears something else shines through.  Hope, Pride, and unshakable Faith.  The people of Joplin are showing our Nation and the entire World that right now they are knocked down but they won't stay down.  They will grieve but more importantly they will survive. 

Since 2011 has started, it has been one natural disaster after another.  How much more will Mother Nature throw at us until she waves her white flag.  For I will admit, I am nervous about her wrath right now.  This is just Tornado Season.  We haven't even hit Hurricane Season yet........

On this Mindful Monday, I am praying and praying hard for our Country, the World, and the people we see on the news, Internet, etc that have been affected by all the Natural Disasters.  Know that when you feel alone, helpless, and want to give up, You are NOT alone!  Hold onto your Faith because with it, you can truly survive anything.

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  1. Very well said! I used to live in Missouri so this hit close to home as well. So glad all of your friends and family are alright. Saying prayers for Joplin tonight... :-)


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