Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hunger Games (Series) - Book Review

**Warning** There may be spoilers in the comment section

This week/weekend I finished the Hunger Games Book Series.  I rate all three of the books 5 stars out of 5.  However, here it is 2 days later and I am still trying to figure out the ending of this series.  I am a loss for words of what exactly has me upset, sad, angry, and confused over these books. 

The author has beautifully written the books in such a way that our minds get over the fact that the series is set 2050s (not so far off in some ways) and based upon Hunger Games.  Games where children fight to the death to bring food, money, and some would say, hope, to their "district".  All because there once was a time of the "Dark Days" were the Capitol was at war with the 13 Districts.  Hunger Games is a way to remind and instill fear in this new age society, that the Capitol owns them. 

Yet even as I write this, I am not doing justice to the books.  All three are more than that. 

So I am leaving it to my fellow followers of this Blog, to help me work through my thoughts and feelings of the books.  I am going to reread the last book, for it is the one that is leaving me the most confused.  As I am rereading the book tonight, I ask you, have you read it?  What are your thoughts on this book?  Lets have an open discussion, our virtual Book Club so to speak. 

I also checked the cast list because the first book is being made into a movie.  For the role of Katniss it goes to Jennifer Lawrence.  Since I have not seen her role in Winter's Bone, I can't comment on how she will do as Katniss.  I agreed with one of the rumor mills that, Hailee Steinfeld, should have gotten the role of Katniss.  None the less I am very much looking forward to seeing the movie.  Just hope by then I will have a better understanding of how I feel about the book ;)

*Also, if you listen to the music by Adele, check out her new CD "21" track number 5.  I think it would be a fantastic song for Katniss in the Junger Games.  Song title is "Set Fire To The Rain"


  1. I read them a while back and I was left stumped at the end of the third book as well. I think my biggest complaint was that the second half of the third book was extremely rushed. I was kind of thinking "wait, what is happening?" I also wasn't convinced by the WRITING that she should have chosen Peeta. I remember thinking "huh, really, well ok" b/c I didn't really have a preference of boy either way. Now as to the actress choice, I would have picked Jennifer Lawrence just b/c she is a little older. Hailee fits the physical description better but these books are dark. I saw Winter's Bone and True Grit and both girls did awesome.

  2. I just finished the books this week too! I tore through the books and enjoyed reading them. I do wish there had been more of a history given of the Dark Days and the origins of the games. I'm curious about your feelings on the last book. Does it have to do with her choice of who to assassinate at the end? Or more to do with who she ended up with in the end?

  3. I felt the last book was so rushed and left me wanting to know more about Dale and Haymitch. Then with her ending up with Peeta, it makes me wonder if she did choose him because of what Dale said "she will choose which one of us she can't survive without". So did she choose for love or because Peeta can help her sleep? I had no problem on who she assassinate at the end LOL. That one was clear early on for me.

    I just really feel the last book was so rushed and I'm left with unansered questions. So I want to reread and see if there is something I am missing.


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