Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless {Wordful} Wednesday

He is fearless, funny, sassy, independent, adventurous, and my little dare devil.  In a blink of an eye Gabriel climbed up these rocks while Mr. May and I were discussing where to go for lunch. 

This is what happens when you take my fearless, funny, sassy, independent, adventurous, little dare devil away from his rock.  Even if in 15 minutes he is about to have a fabulous lunch at Mellow Mushroom.  He wants to be back on top of that rock being King over Mr. May and I.

That is why for the month of April, I have joined with this fabulous blog.........

We have decided to take the challenge of getting outside, everyday, for at least 30 minutes.  I know my little dare devil needs it.  More importantly, my inner dare devil needs to get out and climb those rocks again! 
**Thank You to This American Momma for posting about this challenge and giving the link for our family and hopefully many other families to join Can You Come Outisde To Play Blog**


  1. Mmmmm Mellow Mushroom...I miss that place!

  2. Kati is was very yummy!!! Dayton area really should have one but we honestly love Dewy's Pizza so much more!

  3. Thank you for joining our challenge! And for sharing it with your followers!


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