Tuesday, March 1, 2011


March is here!!!  The weather is being its usual Bi-Polar self with all last week in the 80s to 50/60s this week.  However, the windows have been open and the smell of Spring is in the air.  I am ready to dig in the dirt with Gabriel and plant our mini garden of flowers, fruits, and veggies.  So ready to garden that I bought this beauty today..........

I am thinking some bright red flowers in the center surrounded by white blooms.  Our front yard needs some work but I really want to work on the eye sore known as our backyard.  I had Nathan bring the blue pot to the back and already I can see such a improvement!  

Are you ready for Spring?  If so, share your ideas of how you plan to decorate your garden.  I am thinking about trying this cute and fun  POTS to the front yard.


  1. I am so ready for Spring! I'm looking forward to having the windows open, sitting outside enjoying evening cocktails, going out with the neighbors, pool time, etc. Can't come soon enough!

  2. I am ready for Spring! I want to try to go some herbs in my kitchen window! Then we have been discussing some raised garden beds. Not sure what we will plant yet. C also wants to do some composting. Lots of big thoughts and ideas. Just need to put them all together. I think we have a little more time out here. I've heard March can be a little crazy!
    Can't wait to see what all you decide to plant and grow!

  3. I have been working on the front yard. When that is done, off to the back! Ugh! Lot of work, but I love the finished product! Good luck! I have been blogging about it, so take a look if you want to!

  4. Kati - it will be there soon!! Funny thing about Ohio is all the teasers, one last huge snow, then flower are blooming!

    TCS - Window boxes would be awesome!! This week it seems that everyone has soil, seeds, etc. on sale. So going to pick some up and plant a few things. March is funny because it can tease you with thinking Spring is finally here but will do one last fight of winter before it leaves. Can't wait to see/read about what you guys do!

    Nichole - I am off to read and hope to get some ideas!! We rent our house and they planted tons of bushes out front but never did anything to backyard. Since we will spend most time in back I want to work on that first.


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