Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 3 and 4 Part Two - Tot School

Here are a few more pictures (with our big art project at the end) to wrap up the unit.

He couldn't believe he was allowed to
play with noodles which is a favorite
food for him.

Reinforcing the Letter A by flying Airplanes - never could
get a good picture.

Cutting tissue paper which led to tearing the paper

Our own Elmer!!

Elmer's Colors is a great book to reinforce or teach colors.  I was wanting a project to wrap up this unit but couldn't think of anything off the top of my head.  While Blog hopping I came across a Blog called the Intello Kids.  What would you know, she posted a art project for Elmer's Colors!!  Click HERE for their version of the project and directions. 

I will say with our Elmer it didn't go as smooth as what I thought it would.  I have to remind myself that Gabriel is only 2, just turned two, so some things may be over his head or too long for his attention span.  He didn't want to cut all the squares needed.  It ended up being okay because he still used scissors but also had fun learning how to tear different sizes.  Then he loved painting the glue on but being 2 would glob it on in some areas.  Then wonder why his paper would not stick LOL.  I am very glad we did this project.  It can be used for any age range just remember to breath and have fun if you are creating an Elmer with a younger child.

**Feel free to use any of these ideas but please have courtesy to link back. 
Pictures are property of Come What May**


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! Great job :)
    We did any Elmer project at the libray (Will was 2ish) They had a big picture of an elephant and tissue squares precut (time limit in class)but the kids glued the tissue onto the picture. My boys loved Elmer. :)

  2. I've bookmarked that site. Looks like a good one...I just have to get over the misspelling of "marshmallow". :)

  3. TCS - That would be cute too!! On Disney Junior is new 15 minute show called Ting Ting (or Tinga Tinga) anywho, African animals all in bright colors. Gabriel LOVES it and especially the Elephant.

    JenPack - I know :( Wonder if it would be tacky to shot message letting her know?


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