Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless {Wordful} Wednesday

Our home is unboxed!!!  Here are a couple of pictures of the kitchen, dining room, and living room.  Bedrooms have stacks of "stuff" that I need to go through of what to keep or toss.  Those will come later.  Any suggestions on how to decorate I would love it.  Please ignore the little piles in the kitchen area....sorting still :)
View of Dining Room - we are renting
and trying to work out something about the paint

One side of the kitchen

Other side of the kitchen

Right side of living room - wall to separate kitchen

Back of living room with entrance to front door

View of living room from front door.  Need to figure out paint ASAP
Also as you can see need to lower curtains (using curtain rod that was left)
and decorate the walls.
My new pillows from TJ Maxx

Front bathroom - walls are a sea foam green.

Waiting on shower curtain to be ordered.
Think the chocolate brown helps with all the green

For the most part we are really liking the home.  I am taking my time searching the Internet, Blogs, and magazines for ideas on how to decorate.  Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Lovely home! Wishing you and your family much joy there :o) Happy Wednesday.

  2. Nice!!! I would love to have that size kitchen.

  3. Frank would die for a kitchen that big. And I love the beer bottles...already breaking in, eh? ;)

  4. Lookin' good! I know you are loving the bigger kitchen and space :) I see lots of happy memories in this house!

  5. Love the new house! It looks great!!!


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