Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giveaway on another Blog - way cool giveaway!!

I am in this weird state of dying to decorate our home.  I see so many things I "want".  The wants then turn into this bad feeling of "I NEED it"!!!  What gets me the most is, I want to create these "wants/needs" myself and have my eye on this very special tool to just do that!   However lack of funds is preventing many of wants/needs. 

It is called the Silhouette Machine.  This machine is just amazing.  Even better Design Dazzle is having a giveaway for this machine.  I feel like a junkie because I have already lost three giveaways for this machine.  Maybe its because of this ugly MUST HAVE IT NOW feeling I have, that my luck is not lucky right now.  So I am giving out good Karma into the world and telling you guys to jump on over to Design Dazzle.  Check out this truly amazing machine and enter yourself....if you win just don't tell me...Gabriel needs his mom to not be locked up! ;)


  1. I got one for an early Christmas gift, and yes, it ROCKS!


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