Friday, January 21, 2011

What a week...ending with a give away!

This move has been hard, oh so very hard.  I think because for the first time ever I have moved as a parent.  Parent to a 2 year old boy.......enough said right?!?!  This week Nathan and I have been so focused on getting the house unboxed that Gabriel has not had his usually activities, arts, crafts, exercise, that I normally plan for every day.  This means he has been into EVERYTHING and often find him getting on my nerves.  With my temper short and saying "no" so much.  I have never been a "no" person because kids just don't understand "no" or get bored and ignore that short word.

Instead I have always been a believer in discipline or boundaries with a short explanation of why to help the understanding and prevent fights.  This worked with my teaching years and has been working with Gabriel.  Somehow all of that has gone out the window this past week.  Last night it just broke my heart because even with me yelling a few many times, Gabriel still smiles, hugs and kisses are given, and he still finds laughter.  He really is an amazing child. 

Today is a new day.  The house is about 85% unboxed and ready to live in.  This also means the crabby, moody, short tempered mom must 100% leave!  I promise, that if my 2 year old child who decides that jumping off the back of the couch onto some boxes, won't get yelled at and "no" won't be issued.  Instead it will be a calm mom who will shortly/briefly explain that jumping off the couch is not okay.

Here are two articles I found through a friend -

They have helped get me back on the right track.  As parents we will always make mistakes but owning up to them and getting right is one of the best things we can do.

Other news I am really enjoying this house.  When we first moved in there were/are a few issues that had me second guessing renting this place.  However we are slowing making it home.  I bought some new rugs and pillows for the kitchen/living room.  Will take pictures tonight and post because I need some much needed advice!!  I have MANY bare walls and just not sure how I want to go about decorating them.  I do know that I need to order my items from Uppercase Living and I would LOVE to have an old mantle to hang by front door.

Oh another thing, we finally have INTERNET!!!  WOO HOO For the past three weeks I have been using free wireless through TLF or on my phone.  Now I have my own Internet and can catch up with emails and Blog postings.   I also see that I am at 36 followers.  I think I will do a GIVEAWAY!!!

Check back tonight for house pictures and come with some great decorating advice please...I need it!  Then check back tomorrow for my Giveaway Contest.  Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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