Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thrift Shopping Saturday

Today we checked out a store here in Fayetteville called Re-Store Warehouse.  Very cool place of house building items people have dropped off as donations.  I don't know much more than that but tend to find out. 

I am so very much wanting a mantle to hang in either hallway by front door or in dining room.  This is my thirft store, garage sale, or craigslist mission until the right one is found.  Until then let me show what I found today.

At the Re-Store Warehouse I found this.........

It is an old window (Lord it is heavy too) that someone has added a small ledge to the front and picture frame wire on the back.  I had to have it!  I have zero idea where it will be hung at this time or what exactly I will use it for but for $2 (yes you read that right!!) it is mine.  Nathan smiled and said only me would find a window for 2 bucks. 

If you have ANY suggestions on how I can use this please share!!  Right now I am thinking a bigger ledge, new paint (cream if goes in front door hallway or bright green if goes into kitchen), and maybe a way to display Gabe's artwork?  Nathan thinks someone used it to display work of some sort because of the sticky squares in the bottom row of glass.


  1. you can use dry erase pens to write on the glass and use part of it like a white board. I know you LOVE the white board. ;)

  2. LOL!!!!!!!! I can't do that for the front hallway.

  3. We must go there when I visit! I like the idea of displaying pictures/art in the window panes. I've seen other windows used that way.

    -Ashley Hensley

  4. Ashley we will!! It is a great place to pick up items if you are remodeling your house. Back area are things people have dropped off. Can't wait to sand it down and paint it.


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