Saturday, January 29, 2011

Banana Pudding - Recipe Part 1

Oh my, oh my, OH MY!!!!  The recipe I am about to give you is freakin to die for fabulous.  However before I give it to you I want you to meet the person that started the whole Banana Pudding making week.

Enter Jen P.....
Jen is a Georgia Peach (now living in Alaska) but don't confuse her with those crazy Housewives of Atlanta Peaches.  No, Jen is a true Peach.  The kind of person who inspires your inner craftiness, cooking goddess, and down right want to be a better person "inners".  She is fabulously fun and funny.  She honestly tries to live a nonjudgmental life and will have a honest, open conversation with you about anything.  Doesn't matter if she agrees or not she is loving, honest, and open.  Not to mention when you are friends with Jen, you also get the added bonus friendship of her hubby and son.  Yeah I really miss those three (with soon to be four - woohoo)!!! 

This week Jen talked about her makings of Banana Pudding on FB.  I chimed in (don't remember what I posted) and she tagged me in two of her photos.  People this was truly one time where I wish I had the power of reaching through the computer screen and coming back with her food!  She made Alton Brown's Baked Banana Pudding. 

Click here for Jen's Food Blog post with the recipe and pictures (not to mention hundreds of other yummy goodness she creates).  For her Alaska adventures and crafty creations click HERE.  Last but not least, to see her wicked photography skills click HERE.  Jen, thank you for the inspiration of banana pudding this week!!!  However I might not thank you when I step on the scale in a few days ;)

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