Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interrupt the normal bloggin of Christmas for.......

So a friend, whom I have yet to meet but she is one of my FB friends, posted about this AMAZING give away!!!  She follows a fellow blogger, PBD  Do yourself a huge favor and click on that yellow link!!!  I have only read through a handful of her blogs so far but man I love it.  Funny, whitty, and wish I could blog like her!!

Okay, sorry back to the subject.  Through this blog,  I am participating in the Invisalign Teen Bright Smiles Holiday Photo Contest with Dumb Mom.”   I have taken many photos this past month in the hopes of getting the one picture that makes me looker ubber skinny and no double chins.  Trying to get the hubs to put on a real smile and not another one of his seriously Rachel, the camera, again?!?!  Or best yet our son to actually look at the camera.  Then if I can get him to look at the camera to be uncross-eyed, smiling, and not looking like he was just birthed from aliens.  Yes people I have captured many photos like these.  Don't believe me......well here you go!!!

Mom for the millionth time, I don't want to smile!

Wow lady!!! The flash!!!  Then our dog trying to figure
out if the green thing is a treat or not.

Hid behind the chair to capture this one

Those blue eyes will cause trouble one day.....

Yeah not enough room to explain this picture but
the one in the red belongs to me......
Then every once in awhile either I or a wonderful friend will capture a smile that makes me want to have 15 more babies....also, this is a sneak peek of our Christmas card this year!!! 

Yes this one smile can bring me more joy than I
ever thought possible!

Our dog on the left....Banana Split Boxer anyone???

I encourage you to go to PBD and then tune in this weekend for our Christmas card!!!!  Happy Bloggin


  1. Yay Rachel! I'm so glad you checked out PBD. And your picture of the ugly Christmas sweaters is killing me.
    So why haven't we met? And do you think we'll get a chance to before you leave? It makes me sad that we chat back and forth online, and live in the same city, but just haven't found the time to get together.
    That is, of course, if I'm that fb friend you're talking about :)

  2. Why yes it is you!!! I ment to link to your blog page but I don't think I am foloowing it on my blog for some reason. We really need to try to met before we move!!! Will send you a FB message and see what we can do :) Good luck on the contest too!

  3. I love the Christmas Card photo. That is wonderful! And you are right, those eyes are going to make the girls swoon one day... :)

    I have our boxer in my entry too - but not nearly as cute as a banana split boxer!

  4. Awe thank you Dari!! Good luck to you too :) Now let me go check out your entry. I know other dogs are the best but man nothing beats a boxer!


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