Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Catch up with lots of pictures....

I am snuggled under a blanket, looking at the mess of the house, all the while I really should be getting things ready for the movers.  Instead I want to Blog about our Christmas.  Especially since I know I won't have time tomorrow.  Shoot I probably won't be able to Blog till we get to Pope (January 8th).  So I will finish our story of Christmas (it will be short and sweet with lots of pictures).

In case I do miss Blogging for the next two weeks don't leave me completely!!  I will be back and blogging from a new state and home.  Will have a lot to blog about I am sure.  I might even take sanity breaks with my laptop at Panera Bread during the move, TLF, road trip, and the glorious unpacking....oh I am dreading the unpacking! 

Christmas Eve Family Photo - Tradition to
be dressed in new PJs on Christmas Eve.  This year
we did the Sock Monkey theme.

A true Christmas miracle!! My husband caught my son
smiling and I don't have too many double chins

Making our cinnamon ornaments

Snowflakes and Mickey Mouse

Playing in the snow - water bottles filled
with colored water

Part of the master piece till the dog came through

My two guys making their 1st ever
Ginger Bread house

Taken right before the whole thing
toppled over

Dance Star Mickey - huge hit

Opening presents with my side of the family
via web cam.  Gabriel showing off his trains

What to do after all the presents are open...wrestle

2010 Ornaments
Mickey Mouse and Sock Monkey

Christmas Day night went driving to look at Christmas Lights
This entire neighborhood lined the streets
with these luminaries

Clark Griswold house - our favorite in the neighborhood
and we want to do the luminaries next
year in our yard

Christmas this year felt very rushed.  We ended up not giving two of Gabriel's gifts to him because of the move.  Instead we will unbox them and put them together in the new house.  Will have Christmas part 2 so he can actually play and enjoy the presents.  It was also the first time for us to not have family with us.  It was sad but this is just the case at times for the military family.  We made the best of it though.  Had many laughs, had friends over Christmas Eve, and were thankful for at least being together.  Besides, I just don't believe in dwelling in the negative because things could always be worse. 

I am truly looking forward to 2011.  It is my last year in my 20s and we already have great things planned for our family.  I even have my New Year's Resolutions.  However, I won't rush and skip ahead to 2011.  For 2010 isn't over yet!  

**Sorry the photos are out of order but I think I am finally ready to pack.  Wait, Nigella Feasts is on so maybe in 30 minutes I will be ready....really!**


  1. We got Dance Star Mickey for Belle. He is so awesome!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! I don't want you to leave though :(

  3. Krysten some of us might be getting together on the 6th. So keep that night open and I will send you info via FB as soon as I have it!!

  4. Sunni-Gabriel LOVES Mickey and anything trains/cars. Mickey is very cool. I love the princess items Bella got for Christmas! Oh to be a little girl again.


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