Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree......

Yep that is right our Christmas Tree has been cut down, put in the stand, and decorated!!!  This past Saturday we went to a Tree Farm (Fulton Farms) and cut down our Christmas Tree.  We always get a real tree each year but this was the first year where we actually cut the tree down.  We went with the Harrell Family and froze our butts off but had many laughs too.  Man it was cold, windy, but the sun was shining. 

It took us awhile to find the "perfect" tree because I just couldn't make up my mind.  But like my favorite Christmas Movie (Christmas Vacation) I heard music, sun beams shined down....nah just kidding it didn't happen like that but we did find our tree.  After the men cut the tree down we loaded the trees up and off to lunch we went.  Of course Nathan at lunch and during our Sam's trip is telling me that I have to let the tree's limbs fall before we could decorate.  Yeah that lasted till Gabriel went to bed LOL. 

We decided to decorate after he went to bed to surprise him next morning with the tree.  Last year he had just turned one and the tree had no affect on him.  We knew this year would be different.  Plus Nathan and I wanted one last night as just husband and wife decorating our tree while listening to Christmas music (paused for football scores periodically) and talking about our childhood memories as well as discussing each ornament we hung on the tree.

Next morning, I laid in bed while Gabe and daddy went downstairs for breakfast.  Looking back I should have been downstairs with my video camera because Gabriel screamed TREE!!!!  Then just giggled and had to touch every "ball" ornament within his reach.  Something even more magically happened that morning to.  Nathan told me he is ready to try again for another baby.  Thank you God for helping my husband heal from the miscarriage!!!

So here are some pictures of our experience....the decorated pictures will come soon.

Nathan and Will ready to go be men and cut down our trees

Trees as far as the eye could see

And there she is.....

Yes ladies he is spoken for

We were told that a nest in a tree is said to bring you good luck,
well for the first time we have a nest in our tree.

Oh I forgot to mention that we chopped down a very "special" tree.  Our tree is crooked!!!!  Yes people, she looks like she has been sipping on the eggnog a little to much.  But we still love her anyway and feel like it gives her extra charm.  Extra charm to go with the many holes we are finding once the limbs start to fall....man I honestly LOVE real Christmas trees!!!!!


  1. Can't wait to see it all decorated. :) I love real trees too, but we haven't been able to have one in quite awhile. There's just not enough room for one. We bought a slim prelit tree (but taller than me, that was my requirement) back when we were in our small apartment in Japan and luckily it just fits in our living room this year. Love that Gabe was so excited about the tree! Miss y'all!

  2. Nice tree, lucky nest, and crookedness! Love it!


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