Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too much is out there....

So almost three years ago I joined MySpace and then about a year ago I joined Facebook. Funny how everyone I knew was on MySpace and even I was eating it up. Then it seemed everyone jumped ship to Facebook and since I wanted to stay in contact, I jumped shipped to. I seriously don't remember the last time I checked my MySpace account and really should just delete it (if I even remember my log in and password).

Then we have Facebook. Facebook can be great to keep in contact with family and friends. However it can cause lots of drama, you being "deleted" from someone's page, people thinking you are talking about them and never mind that you have 300plus "friends" on Facebook, and then all the security issues.

So tonight, with my husband out for Guy's Night, our son who has been up off and on for 3 hours now, fireworks still going off at 11pm at night, and my nightly nonsleeping habit, I have decided that I must delete my MySpace account and seriously cut back on Facebook!!!

I am mainly sick of the drama people like to cause and all the security issues with posting pictures and too much information about yourself.

Instead of posting pictures on FB, I will now post them on my favorite site - Shutterfly!!! They have a free, unlimited, password needed site, where you can post pictures and videos. Then you invite people to join or view your photos (password needed) and family and friends can see your life that way.

As of 5 minutes ago, emails went out to every email I have of family and friends requesting them to bookmark and join Shutterfly. Hope they do since in 5 minutes MySpace will be deleted and so will post of my pictures :( If you are a family or friend reading this, on FB and we are friends, and didn't get an email from Shutterfly and would like to follow our family photos, let me know.

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