Monday, July 20, 2009

How I LOVE Wolf Gang Puck!!!

Wolf Gang Puck is my hero and I would gladly be a product tester-Wolf Gang, sign me up!! I have his Immersion Wand Mixer (via Home Shopping Network) and this mixer is fantastic. I make Gabe's baby food for the #1 reason being it saves us money!!

To make his food I tried my regular mixer, blender, and food processor. However one or both of the following would happen 1-to loud and often sent Gabe into crying fits and/or 2-they do not get the food to the liking of Gabe's palate. Yes at 7 months Gabe makes it very clear just how thick or thin he wants his Butternut Squash to be.

One morning as I was getting out my ice cube trays (to freeze the food in) I saw in the very back corner the Immersion Mixer. I dusted off the dust, plugged it in, and waa laa-baby food perfection! Days of Baby Food Heaven are here to stay. Well, except for the time where I had Avocado all over the floor and Pina Colda mix all over the ceiling but that wonderful story is for another blog.

So if you are ever watching HSN and wonder hmm do I really need W.G.Puck's Immersion Mixer-YES you do!! It is wonderful for so many other things but right now it is my best friend when it is baby food making day!

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  1. You are such a good mom. I wouldn't even know where to start to make baby food.


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