Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blogs and Crawls - all in one day!

After reading a friend's blog I thought, why not me? So Come What May (thanks Melissa) has been created to share the ups, downs, laughter, and tears of my "RaNaGabe" life! Enjoy, comment, share, but if you are going to hate, move on to another blog. Oh, by the way "RaNaGabe" is like Renegade but it stands for Rachel, Nathan, and Gabriel-thanks Jamie!

7 months and 1 day to be exact, our 1st born has decided to crawl after months and months of acting like a fish out of water. I.E. being on his tummy with arms and legs in the air, flapping around, while he grunts with frustration because he is not going anywhere. Watching Gabe today made my eyes fill with joy and tears as I texted his dad to let him know his son just crawled a few body lengths to get the remote control-ha all the money spent on toys and the little one wants the remote control!

Seeing our son crawl for the first time, made being a SAHM whom is often broke, who can't get together with family this Fall because of being broke, made it ALL WORTH WHILE!!


  1. Hey Rachel! Welcome to Blogland! I love the look of your blog and the name is so catchy! Your little boy is such a cutie!! I look forward to hearing more from you! I need to post on's been almost a month!

  2. Good job Rach. I think you will really like blogging. Gabe is getting so big. Cameron loves the remote too. Go get you a cheap one for him to play with.


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