Friday, April 8, 2011

Tot School - Month Long Wrap Up

We have taken about a month off from any structured Tot-School.  Reason being I had a little melt down.  It was because of a alphabet book.  Gabriel and I go to the library once sometimes twice a week.  All the ladies know him and know our routine of reading, walking the shelves, picking out books for him and I, and just enjoying the peace of a library. 

One day he picked up a Dinosaur Alphabet Book (can't find the title at this time).  He loves this book.  At the end of the book is the alphabet in lower and upper case letters.  I wanted to see which letters we needed to work on, so I pointed out the upper and then lower case letters.  Our son knew ALL the letters but 3.  Yes you read that right my 2 year and 3 month old child correctly said the name for each letter.  We thought it was a fluke so tried a couple of times over the next few days and had the same response.  All upper and lower case letters but 3.

At first I was so stinkin proud of our little guy and not to mention what my teacher brain started thinking.  I immediately sent out texts and emails to my teacher friends and asked for advice of where we should go in our schooling and do next. 

I truly am thankful for their responses and have a game plan brewing in my mind.  However, I also cried and realized I'm not ready for Gabriel to be this mature.  Silly.....probably!!  But kids already grow up so fast as it is, that this momma needed a break from school and just enjoy the small window of joy, fun, exploring, learning.  As well as be proud and oh so very thankful for this child God has truly blessed us with.

However, Gabriel has been bored this week....very bored.  Come Monday I guess back to Tot-School we go.  I am very excited but plan to take it slower.  Do more observing and zone in on what he truly finds joyful and reinforce that. 

Today I thought I would post some pictures of things we have done the past month or so.  Everything from Dr. Seuss, St. Patrick's Day, building towers, and gravity. 

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Green Eggs for Dr. Seuss and
Pancakes for National Pancake Day...who knew?!

Coffee Filter Shamrocks

Can you guess which plate is Gabriel's paint?? LOL

Walk away to wash your hands and little guy
sneaks the camera

Making Oobleck after reading
Bartholomew and the Oobleck - very fun!!

Our hands might have been bluish/green for a little while

1st sorted our colors into groups
2md I drew lines for the rainbow

Together we glued and laid out our tissue paper
for the rainbow

Building Towers and Playing Drums

Our old girl had to supervise the noise

Testing out gravity with a piece of a napkin

Finished rainbow and shamrock
This Shamrock is my favorite of Gabriel's!


  1. Rachel, you are doing a wonderful job with Gabe! Loved all the fun activities you have done with him! Keep up the great work. My boys loved using shaving cream to writed ABCs and making applesauce/cinnamon creations (bonus they harden and keep forever) :)

  2. Kudos to you! If I can just get Anderson to start talking, I will feel much better! Love the rainbow, clouds, and shamrock!

  3. Thanks Ladies!!!
    TCS - we have not done shaving cream yet but thought about doing that this week and doing it outside since we will be in 90s!!!! That is just too hot for April LOL.

    Nichole - How old is Anderson? We thought Gabriel was never going to talk until one day he did and he hasn't stopped since. I was ready to head to the Dr.s to make sure everything was okay. Family and friends told me to just wait because boys take longer but as their mom that is just too hard to do.

  4. You are SUCH a creative mommy.....seriously!!!!!!! Makes me feel sad that my Tyler can not say ANY letters and he is almost 3. He is as smart as whip.....why can't he talk? But, I know that we are working with it and he WILL talk, but on his own time table, not mine!!!!!

  5. Thanks bekkielynn but I know you, and you are very creative as well!! Part of me does this because sometimes I miss teaching. The other part is Gabriel gets so bored at home and that turns into tantrums....rrrrr. Tyler is very smart and wish I knew why he wasn't talking yet!! But I know you probably have started every teaching skill and therapy to get him started. I would for sure to look into NM free servces for Speech Therapy and such. Little guy is very smart and when he starts talking he will never stop! LOL


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