Monday, April 11, 2011

Mindful Monday

Things that are on my mind this gloomy weather Monday Morning..............

1.  Judging of others because they are Army vs. Air Force or Enlisted Wife vs. Officer Wife.  I always thought you decide a relationship by that person's character and how they treat you.  No by their marriage status or what other's tell you.

2.  Seriously considering trading in my SUV for a full size car.  Gas prices are killing me and in a month or so making a 15 hour drive back home.....that is a lot of gas.  Or should I keep the SUV, pay it off, and have husband get a truck.  But then two tanks to fill with gas, but only one car note.  I truly want something with better gas prices but need something to haul things.  Point in case a friend is giving us a little kids picnic table and we couldn't get it in SUV.  If we had a truck we could......

3.  Need to do a better job of posting our 30 Days of Outside Inspiration Ideas.  Out of 11 days we have been outside all but 1.  However, I hardly took pictures......blame it on upcoming deployment and living within the moment.

4.  Upcoming deployment.......

5.  Scrub and declutter house from top to bottom to get ready for MIL for a few days and then FIL.

6.  Gabriel.  He is growing up like me by being hundreds (some thousands) of miles away from his grandparents.  It breaks my heart to think of all the grandparent fun he is missing out on.  Yep some days it just kills me and other days I get jealous for him.  He doesn't know any different so he can't be jealous.

7.  My grandma in Texas and my Grandparents in Missouri.  Hope they know how much I love and cherish them!!

8.  4 craft projects half way finished.  Blame it on reading some amazing books lately and jumping feet first into a few of the projects without researching the best way to create these projects.

9.  Baby fever.........yeah moving on HA!

10.  The love I have for my family and friends.  May they know I am their biggest supporter and I miss them dearly!

11.  My nieces and nephew.  This Air Force life prevents me from being the fun and cool aunt that spoils them rotten, takes them to parks, movies, and coming to their school functions.  None the less I cherish those 3.....even if I am always late mailing them their birthday gifts.....time and I don't get along when it comes to the Post Office!!

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  1. 1. I have never understood that either!

    2. I just did it in December. Toyota Corolla and much better gas. Backseat big enough for H too (and quite large trunk!)

    4. Sorry!

    5. Ditto for our move.

    6. Agreed. H will be by half when we move to Cali, but I can tell I broke my parents hearts by not moving to OK.

    9. DITTO!

  2. I agree about the Enlisted vs Officer Wife. I used to work as a DoD employee for the Department of the Navy and have seen it first hand, more than now. Although, my boss was an Officer's Wife and you could not even tell. I loved that about her.

  3. #1 makes me want to hug you. Recently I've had a few people try to use the "it's because you're an officer's wife" card on me. It's so frustrating! I'm just me, my husband's rank doesn't make me. Massive thanks for ensuring I'm not the only one!

  4. That's something I always loved about you and Tina. You are officer's wives but I never took note of that and never cared at all that I am just an enlisted wife (and neither did either of you). And I'm sure I had other friends back in Ohio and Japan that were officer's wives, but I never took note of any of that (Denny would ask, what is their husband's rank, and I'd look at him like he was nuts.....why would I know?).

    I feel you on the grandparents. I am always sad that my kids will never know my parents. And I'm always thankful for webcams so that they can "know" Denny's parents. I'm also thankful his parents like to travel and come and visit. We usually see them once a year.

    I'm also thinking about Denny's upcoming deployment. Should be even more "fun" with two (that is said with sarcaasm, which can be hard to type).

    Miss you!

  5. Oh, and I almost forgot about the car. I'd recommend a Toyota Matrix. Lots of space in the back and zippy with good gas mileage too. :)

  6. Thanks Everyone!!! Growing up dad was Enlisted truly had an amazing career. As a child you never saw or felt the judgment because kids are amazing at being friends with everyone no matter their skin, religion, or if daddy/mommy are Office/Enlisted. It just really irks me as an adult. Now not everyone is like this but there are enough to rub me the wrong way :)

    For the car - we have decided when deployment is over, pay off my small SUV, Nathan will use that, and then trade in his car....poor car is on his last leg. Will keep both Toyota's in mind. Saw a commercial for a Lexus Hybrid that will get 46mpg!!!! Too bad it comes with a Lexus price tag LOL

    Jen P - how I wish I could fly and spend time with you during our deployments!!!! I would LOVE to hold Sasha and play with Dylan. We will need to Skype. Miss you too dear friend!!

    Miss all of you ladies and thanks for reading :D

  7. Thanks for linking up! I was confused by number one though.Do people really judge you for being an army wife??? That is crazy! I have so much respect for those who serve AND for those who hold down the fort while they are away serving. I can't imagine any negative feelings towards either. I hope I just misunderstood. You rock!

  8. Stacy - no you read that correctly :( It is very sad how different branches of the military look down on each other. We are Air Force stationed at a now Army Base and first time in my life I feel so unwelcome. From neighbors letting us know on day one we are on the wrong side of town to trying to meet people. Just sad sad sad!! Thanks for stopping by, really love your Blog!


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