Friday, April 15, 2011

April 11-15 - Friday Wrap Up

Instead of actual Tot-School this week, Gabriel played his little heart out all week long, while he gave me the chance to finish some much needed projects.  Finished two craft projects (check back this coming Tuesday for Tip Me Tuesday), tried some fabulous recipes (didn't get to posting yesterday but will this weekend), did some more organizing of the house, went to a Pope Spouses Meeting, brainstormed some fabulous ideas with a fellow Key Spouse about our unit, and most importantly, had important paperwork finished for upcoming deployment.  Nothing like a deployment to get your Will and Guardianship in order. 

Low point of this week was the reality of how fast the deployment is approaching.  Mr. May just stops and watches Gabriel like he is memorizing every detail.  Even down to the number of hairs on Gabriel's head.  Asked him one night whats up and Mr. May just replied "I am going to miss so much while I am gone".  I smiled, reassured the best I could, and made a mental note to charge every camera battery and video camera.....this deployment might turn me into the crazy camera lady around time.

High point of the week is Gabriel's vocabulary.  This kid just won't slow down with his talking.  He has been saying 2-4 word phrases for awhile now but this week he is talking in sentences (subject, verb, emotion, etc).  Sometimes we laugh because he will quickly try to spit out whatever he is trying to say, that his sentence comes out like Yoda talking!!  Other times we have ZERO idea what he is talking about and man does he get mad.  He gives us this look of, man my parents are dumb.  Just when I think he is such a little man, he will stb his toe, scream like the world is coming to an end, and run to jump in my lap for all the snuggles he can get.  During thos snuggle times, I get all sentimental and realize how much I love being a mom.  It is never boring for sure! 

That has been our week in a nut shell.  Next weekends are going to be packed with parties, celebrations, family visits, and beach vacation.  I am really looking forward to it all!! 

Hope you all have had a fabulous week!!!! 
Leave a comment if you want to share you highs and lows of your week

My "Work-In Progress" Back Patio
Little Sneak Peak of a Table and Chairs I am redoing 

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