Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still no luck

Laptop is back from Geek Squad. They managed to get ALL my pictures, recipes, documents, etc off the computer and stored onto an external hard drive. But that was it. Nothing else is working. So last result is for Nathan to take it to work and hope some fabulous Geek squad people there can restore it.

Now I know with everything that is going on in the world right now, not having a laptop or computer is silly to complain about. But I have over 400 pictures that I would love to unload from my two cameras. Recipes and projects I would love to share. Not to mention Gabriel has not webcammed with his DeeDee and Papa in a few weeks. The poor kid finally had a break down about this....a very sad break down.

Till I have a computer again I'm taking notes and trying to become friends with the iPad. I've come to realize that I am old school when it comes to certain things and using a computer :)

We are still praying for the people of Japan and all the countries who are flying or sailing in to help Japan. It is heart breaking to watch but I know they will come back from this!


  1. Can they not do a clean install of the system software? On a Mac, that erases the whole hard drive and then puts a fresh version of the operating system on the computer. You'd have a clean slate to start with. But, maybe Windows computers don't have that option. Sorry for your troubles! Miss your frequent blog posts!

  2. I get it! I would be super sad without my computer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!!! So the computer geek squad at Nathan's job said hard drive is fried and a few other things. It will be several hundred dollars to fix. Instead of fixing it we will unbox the old desktop for now. Have to find it amongst the last few boxes :) We have been wanting a MAC for awhile now so will wait till Fter deployment and possibly 1st of New Year to get MAC. Want to pay cash. Ohhh technology!


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