Friday, January 28, 2011

Reason #578

Of why I am thankful I am staying home with Gabriel.  Yesterday we went to Target for some much needed items.  When we got back to the car, I was about to open the trunk when Gabriel said "Look Momma".  He then proceeded to point out and say every letter for my car's name - SORENTO (how it is spelled and written on the car).  After wards he just looked at me and smiled.  Lord that smile is priceless and we did a HUGE happy dance in the middle of Target parking lot.  He is 2 years 1 month and so many days old (ha!) and amazes me every day.  Especially days like these when neither hubster or I have worked with him on this word.

However don't think our day is all flowers and rainbows.  Take today.  Gabriel was watching Mickey Mouse while I decided to jump in the shower.  I was about finished when he came busting through the door and screaming "Ewwww Momma!! Ewww my hands!!!"  I calmly talked to him while asking him to hold on.  I was almost finished.  That didn't work and he starts screaming even louder.  I pull back the shower curtain and see his little hand.  It is green.  No idea what is green that he could have gotten into.

Oh wait.  The hot steam of my shower disappears and it hits me.  POOP is green!!!  My 2 year old child, who knows about half of his alphabet, can recognize lower and upper case letters, has found he can stick his hands down his diaper.  I quickly close the shower curtain, breathe, pass on shaving, and get out to clean my son's poopy hand.

Tonight I can see the beauty in both of my days.  However I truly wish to have more dancing in the Target parking lot vs. poopy hand days!  Hope you all had a fabulous Friday.  I am off to read more about Potty Training because my son is ready.


  1. That's wonderful about the spelling!!! Not so great about the poop on his hands. (I'm really really not looking forward to that with Andres).

  2. Yay, Gabe for spelling!! Hopefully the poo thing was just an experimental one-time deal. He sounds so eager to learn new things...this is when your creative ideas will come in handy and his learning can be fun for both of you! Possible idea to share with you: I'm finishing up a bulletin board for daily use w/ P...kind of like kindergarten "circle time" with velcro attachments for days of the week, weather and pictures of our planned activities for the day. Tested it out last week and P loves it

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Yeah the poop seems to happen at least once with every child. I am hoping it was a one time thing LOL. Oh I like that idea!! I am pulling out all my teacher stuff this week and going through it to make it Pre2-3 yr old stuff. Then will send out an email to several of my PreK-1st grade teacher friends for more ideas. I also bought a couple of items from the Home School Convention last year to start using within the next week. Not to actually home school but this kid is soaking stuff up like a sponge so I thought it would help keep our days going. Take a pic of the bull. board and send to me if you don't mind!!


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