Saturday, December 18, 2010

17th Day of Christmas - Celebrating our son's 2nd Birthday

It feels like I closed my eyes, took a breath, and our son is now officially a toddler.  That's right Gabriel celebrated his 2nd birthday.  I will say how we celebrated his birthday is 100% not what I planned or how I thought the day would go, but things happen.  All you can do is just roll with the punches.

I became severely sick the night before Gabriel birthday party.  Not sure if it was a bug that has been going around or food poisoning (even though we are leaning more towards the food poisoning).  Thursday morning Nathan and I talked about canceling the party but a friend said no way.  She offered her home to host the party so I could stay in bed and Gabriel would still have his party.  We quickly emailed and texted the small party group to let them know I was sick, Gabriel and Nathan are healthy, and the party has been moved to a friend's house. 

Unfortunately out of the 8 families invited only 2 showed (yep the rest canceled).  We were disappointed and worried about all the food (because if you know me, this southern girl always makes sure there is more than enough food to go around) but in the end, Gabriel didn't know a difference and had a fabulous time!  I think it is me who is more hurt about the turn out.  Plus I still can't believe that I missed my son's party.

This year's theme was Mickey Mouse.  Gabriel has never really taken to cartoons or movies until he started watching Mickey Mouse.    It just seemed to make sense that the theme would be MOUSE (Gabriel always screams MOUSE whenever the man himself is spotted).  Between Etsy, some Blogs, and Google, I came up with some great decorations and a game plan for the party. 

Guest cupcakes in the back with
the birthday boy's cake in front

Have to have cheese for the mouse!

Gabriel giving his mickey balloon a hug

Blowing out his candle

LOVE this face!!!

Close up of the cupcakes

Hubs said Gabriel was over the moon with the
life size Mickey Mouse balloon

This is his WOW face....not sure what is it over though

Wrapping the party up as well as Mr. Will

1-2-3...the winner is Gabriel!

Opening presents

Another shot of giving Mickey a hug

The invitations

Party info

Goodie Bags

Of course the star himself (next to the bday boy)
Mickey Mouse!!!!!!
In the end I have to say how grateful I am for Amanda, Will, Jamie, Brad, and Ethan!!!  They stepped in and made sure our son still had his Mickey Mouse party.  I may not have been there but the stories they have told me, assure me that Gabriel truly had a wonderful time.  Here is to hoping that next year no one is sick because we have a huge thing planned!

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