Friday, November 5, 2010

**Shutterfly Update**

I think I was eager beaver about blogging about the Shutterfly 50 Free Christmas cards.  I just received an email letting me know what to Blog about to earn the free Christmas Cards.  So this time I have my information together and let me share it correctly with you all!!!!

You all can read the previous post about Shutterfly HERE.  Now for those of you new to Shutterfly (shame shame - just kidding) there are so many items that Shutterfly has to offer.  Our girl's group is really awesome about hosting Baby Showers and Baby Sprinkles for the pregnant ones in our group.  One of the Baby Sprinkles I cohosted, we used this Invitation - Candy Lacy.  To this day I love this card, so girly and just sweet!

If Invitations are not what you are need how about a CALENDAR for that Grandparent(s) (yes there is a Holiday for Grandparents you know!)  One of our good friend's uses personalized calendars and I love visiting her and flipping through the calendars.  Another friend uses their calendar as a way to record new words their daughter says. 

By now if I still haven't peaked your interest with Shutterfly here is my #2 reason why I love Shutterfly - CHRISTMAS CARDS (#1 is their Photo Books that I give as gifts)!  December is an amazing month for our family.  We were married December 6th, son was born on December 17th, and then we celebrate the birth of Jesus on the 25th.  This year I have earned 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly and I am over the moon.  Just on the first page I love this ONE, or this ONE, well maybe this ONE.  Heck who I am kidding, my love for Christmas and getting mail is going to make me take forever to chose just the perfect card........

As I try to figure out which Christmas card will be the May Family Christmas card this year, I would just like to remind you that as of today, we only have 50 days left till Christmas!!!  This gives me a little more wiggle room to figure out which fabulous Shutterfly Christmas card to choose!!  At least I have half of Christmas shopping done.

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