Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greenville, Ohio...home of KITCHENAID

That started my weekend addiction to a MEGA sale. We will start with one picture first.....

Our loot from Trip #1 - yes I made two trips

So less than two years ago my fabulous hubby bought me a Kitchen aid Stand Mixer. It sat in the box at the back of the closet for almost a year!!! Between having Gabriel, losing my love to bake all things yummy, and having no counter space, I never got it out. Then I met my Goddess of Baking friend, Jen Pack, and I just had to get my mixer out and start baking again. Well that didn't happen till this past May when she moved to Alaska and I knew I had to learn how to make yummy bread, cinnamon rolls (there needs to be a reward for her cinnamon rolls), and get back to baking.

Artisan 4.5 qt Empire Red Stand Mixer
(Still for sale for $168 - used 5 times exactly $299 brand new)

Then my friend Jen M. invited me to go to Greenville to do the Kitchenaid Plant Tour. After a 45 minute drive through rural Ohio and seeing corn field after corn field, we were told the plant was closed every year after the 4th of July for repairs and cleaning. However the lady told us to go into town, eat at Maid-Rite and go to the Kitchenaid Store. So off we went.

Yep this is the place we were told to eat....
a drive through place with
wait what is that on the walls?!?!?!
Why yes that is gum with pennies stuck in the middle....
No Jen M. and I were not brave enough to stop here for lunch.
So got brave with Nathan and Lina...
I was thinking I was getting a hamburger not a Sloppy Joe
Needless to say I'm not a fan....
KitchenAid store is FABULOUS!!! Small store that sells new and refurb KitchenAid products. The new products only seem to be a few dollars or so less than regular department store prices. Refurbished are cheaper but still not that great of a buy.....until we were told about the KitchenAid MEGA Sale!!!!! See this fabulous helper (my little blue bird) told us about how during the Annie Oakley Days Festival, KitchenAid does a 4 day Mega Sale. I had my heart set on the Ice Cream attachment and was told to come back during the sale.

Well, after talking with Jen M. I decided that I would go back and check out this sale. Jen M. went on vacation but gave me instructions to call her if I do go and if they have this beautiful yellow stand mixer on sale. So a couple days before I headed up to Greenville my fabulous hubby decided to join me. So we turned our trip into a road trip to visit Greenville, KitchenAid Store, and Bear's Mill. I found this wonderful blogger who listed what all was going on the sale and what each day's sale was....yes check out this site so I don't have to blog all about the sale ;)

Thursday came, we loaded up the car with picnic lunch, made a pit stop to pick Birthday girl Elena and her mom Lina, had yummy breakfast at Tim Horton's, drove 45 minutes with laughter, talking, singing, and the fabulous song "Corn, Corn, Corn, What's That Smell??" To finally arrive at the sale. People this sale is AMAZING!!!! As posted in the Blog link above, each day they add to the sale. Lina bought herself a 6qt mixer in this sexy bluish/grey color....

Lina and Birthday Girl about to get their shopping on

Wait you thought I said bluish/grey???
I did!!! This one is my new baby ;)

I bought a new 5 qt Mixer for Jen M., Blender, and Coffee Pot, which resulted in some FREE amazing gifts!!!!! We left the store because it was getting packed and Gabriel wasn't having the stroller anymore. So off to Bear's Mill we went. This is a working Mill and not what I expected. The lady inside was very rude, wouldn't offer up any information about the Mill, brushed Nathan off when he was buying coffee, and in the end I am glad I didn't make a special trip just for the Mill. That being said, Lina got some great service from the lady and she explained there are some walking trails around the Mill. Other than that, I will do more research on the place...like why is this thing hung from the Mill???

Yep that is a noose.....umm why?!?
After a quick trip at Bear's Mill we loaded back into the car and home we went. We did such a great job that I was bitten by the Greenville KitchenAid Fevahhh...the fevah spilled over onto my friend Catherine. Saturday off we went to Greenville. Which resulted in my beautiful new mixer above, a 6qt mixer for Catherine, a 6qt mixer for my Goddess of Baking Jen P (which KitchenAid mailed her her loot), a couple new kitchen small gadgets for each of Catherine and I and some GREAT free stuff again!!!!!
In the end, if you are in Ohio plan to go to the sale next year!! Not in Ohio....call the store and place your order! If your order is over 50bucks they will ship for free...yes people FREE. Next year we won't be here in Ohio so I will be placing a phone order for this double waffle iron I have my eye on!
So to recap on our Loot (Me, Lina, Jen M., Jen P., and Catherine)-
1-Coffee Maker
2-5 Mixers
4-Coffee grinder (free)
5-3 ice cream attachments (free)
6-2 stand covers (free)
7-2 meat grinders (free)
7-2 5qt glass mixing bowl (free)
8-5 kitchen timers (free)
9-2 prep bowls (free)
10-I know I am missing two more things but can't remember right now.


  1. Silicone grabbers! Forgot those :) I'm jealous of your mixing bowls and happy to be your friend!!

  2. WOW!! I am so glad you are my friend too! Now we need to all get together and bake yummy things!!

  3. Wheeee! Thanks again for picking up the mixer for me! I loved reading about your adventures!


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