Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last Post then Caught Up.....

So it has only taken me 9 days into the new year to finish blogging and be caught up with year 2009 - LOL. So this blog will be short and I think I will let the pictures explain it all...Christmas Eve we opened our home to friends that couldn't go home or didn't have any family coming to town for Christmas. House was full of friends, LOTS of food, and the night warmed my heart.

Christmas day I started a new tradition....setting up the video camera and recording the whole Christmas morning....still haven't watched it though :0). Gabe enjoyed opening presents but after a couple he was over it and decided to do something else.....WALK!!!! Oh this will be one of my favorite Christmas' forever.

New Year's Eve was okay. Nathan had to work. Of the 9 years we have been together I can only remember one NYE night that he hasn't had to work. Gabe and I did go to dinner with friends but really missed Nathan.

So this is my last blog post for 2009......let the new year be just as fantastic as the last one!
Christmas Eve - A visit from Santa!!!

Gabe getting his present from Santa
His MeMaw May helping to open his present
Christmas morning - Bailee was ready!

Our son walking at 1 year and 1 week old.
We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!


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